August 13, 2011

I love: Fun Office Supplies

The title says it all...I am a complete sucker for fun office supplies. Now that I've just started a new office job, I'm back to lusting after fun things to have around the desk. Sure, you can get boring, regular office supplies but why not perk up your desk and make it more fun?! Below are some items I would LOVE to have at my new desk (the WTF stamp is more a personal joy rather than something I would actually use...)

Magenta Tape Dispenser from Poppin
Hanging File Folders from Poppin (those green ones are soooo boring)
WTF Stamp from Knock Knock
Jonathan Adler Task Clips from See Jane Work
Patterned Tape from Modcloth
Jonathan Adler Note Cube from See Jane Work

Is anyone else as excited about office supplies as I am? Have any go-to items?


  1. ha! LOVE the WTF stamp....I sure could have used that at my old job (secretary a la Devil Wears Prada)

  2. I kinda love office supplies too. i wish i had an office with other people in it just so i could send them memos and such with funny stamps on them.
    xox dana

  3. Love all these fun supplies!! THAT WTF stamper is pretty awesome! I can see that getting lots of use! Too funny. Congrats on your new job!

  4. I love all office supplies :) and school supplies which is almost the same right? so cute the WTF I would have used that when I worked in finance hourly. :)

  5. WTF stamp is essential. It's sweet how it lets you check off the boxes to choose the appropriate punctuation.

  6. i love oogling at stationery and office supplies!! love that patterned tape. i'm a terrible hoarder!

  7. Cute supplies can make any kind of work so much more fun! I feel ya, girl!

    Happy Happy Weekend!

  8. OMGGGGG Love those jonathon adler note pads. Of course the WTF stamp could be used in my office all the time haha.

    I'm a huge fan of these lipstick pens too:

  9. I adore the post-its and the WTF stamp. Could you imagine being a teacher and marking with that stamp? It would be hilarious! haha

  10. oh, office supplies are probably some of my favorite things ever.... i love all of these! i found a great store in san francisco's japantown mall that had more fancy tape and stamps than you can imagine...

    my wallet took a hard hit that day. ;)

  11. I LOVE that WTF stamp. My mother works at a high school, and that would totally be perfect for her! :]

  12. hehe, love the wtf stamp, must get that. you've got such a cute blog. :)