September 17, 2013


taking a break

Well, I feel like this has been creeping up on me for a long time. Ever since this happened, I've been pretty frazzled and stressed, and have been working long hours that leave me exhausted when I get home. Keeping up this blog feels like a job, and the last thing i want to feel like is that I have two.

I have actually had big plans for this blog with a new layout and a move to wordpress...I just need some time to focus on getting that up and running before I can continue posting daily. I'm almost there, but I need some time to get everything set. I'll still continue posting on twitter & instagram, so be sure to follow me there.

See you soon!

September 15, 2013

What I Wore | New Hair

Some of you might have seen on my instagram that I cut my hair...and here it is! I'm still getting used to it to be honest (it wasn't what I had in mind...) but it definitely feels lighter. Any tips on getting used to a new cut??

kyla is inspired kyla is inspired kyla is inspired

Also can we talk about how it's finally cooling down and making room for Fall? I'm so excited to be wearing boots & blazers again!

September 13, 2013

Happy Friday!

kyla is inspired | happy friday!

Ok, I am dying to try this 2 ingredient ice cream, since it doesn't involve an ice cream maker, yay! Have you tried this recipe? I really want to know if it will come out like the recipe....sometimes I try a recipe and it comes out way off.

ice cream | wedding photo | pattern

September 12, 2013

Currently Loving | Dark Romance

kyla is inspired | currently loving

oysho lingerie | bread photography | type invitations | design - PSD | popped corn | diy pop rocks favors

I made this post thinking it would be perfect as we transition to fall....NOPE says the weather, we're going to be stuck in hot & humid! (this no longer applies.) But there is still something to be said about the dark mystery of these colors. I think I'll find myself gravitating more towards this style as the cooler months roll in. Are you a fan of this dark romance vibe?