September 13, 2013

Happy Friday!

kyla is inspired | happy friday!

Ok, I am dying to try this 2 ingredient ice cream, since it doesn't involve an ice cream maker, yay! Have you tried this recipe? I really want to know if it will come out like the recipe....sometimes I try a recipe and it comes out way off.

ice cream | wedding photo | pattern


  1. Happy Friday Kyla!!
    Loved the middle one, the white maxi and the mcqueen flats were meant to be together, and how awesome that someone wore that on her wedding! so awesome!

  2. Whoa - what?! 2 ingredient ice cream that looks as delicious as that photo and doesn't require an ice cream maker?! No way! I need to try making that if it's that easy :) Have such a great weekend, Kyla!

  3. OMG saw that recipe on Pinterest the other day and YES, must try! I keep pinning all these ice cream recipes knowing I can't make anything since I don't have an ice cream maker... but they're just so pretty and look so good...

    Happy weekend, Kyla!! xo

  4. Yum indeed! that ice cream looks amazing! Have a great weekend Kyla!

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  6. Cute! Also, if you try that ice cream recipe please report back to us. I'm very curious how it turns out.

  7. 2 recipe ice cream? Sounds good but I'm not sure it's a solid one! :) Love this combo of photos once again - What I wouldn't give for a day at the beach now! xo

    1. Oh goodness, silly me, of course I meant *ingredient there!! :D