October 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

Hello all, I hope you had a lovely weekend!
I went up north to visit my parents at home to participate in a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event! If you also want to participate, it's really easy to use the Making Strides page to find an event near you! My mom's team raised over $1000!

My mom is a survivor, and the strongest person I know. We had a great day!

Also, I found this great idea on tumblr (really, what great ideas don't come from tumblr!?) for HOW TO BE CLASSY
Rainy Mood + Jazz + Fireplace

I was too amused by this earlier!


  1. It is a wonderful photograph! It becomes a feeling gentle to:)

  2. $1,000! That's awesome! What a great cause. So much cancer in this world, but so many strong survivors too!