November 14, 2011

Currently Loving // 11.15.11

Currently, I'm loving all sorts of bits and bobs! Each of these items I can see as great gifts for the Holidays :) I'm trying to be good this year and get my shopping done early, but I always say that and end up leaving a lot until the last minute ^^

one. Keep Calm And Carry On Charm
I've never quite understood the fascination with this phrase, but this charm is too cute not to post! I'd love to gift this to a friend :)

two. Mountain Necklace
This necklace is so original and fun, and would be perfect for anyone who loves pink. Or me. *hint* ;)

three. Conversational Tabletop Cards
How cool is this tabletop card set?! You know when you have those awkward family get-togethers and nobody knows what to talk about? No longer! Have this on the table and you'd be all set!

five. Natural Wooden Watch
For me, men are the hardest to shop for. I love the natural wood of this watch, and the sturdiness. It would make a perfect gift for any guy, or girl!

five. Coffee Cozy
This makes a cute stocking stuffer for any coffee-lover! I love the addition of the buttons for a more personal touch. Gift this to anyone crafty!

six. Isometric Harlequin #8 iPhone Case
I love this case. I more want this one for myself, but anyone with an iPhone will appreciate the crazy colors and patterns!

seven. Feathered iPhone Case
If your iPhone friend prefers something a little less chaotic, this beautiful and simple feather pattern works perfectly as a case.

eight.Chandelier Wall Decal
Wall decals are the perfect gift for anyone who lives somewhere where say, they can't paint, or will only be there temporarily since they can peel right off. This chandelier would add a pop of sophistication to any room!

nine. Christmas Gift Tags
These tags are too cute! I probably love wrapping presents more than the average person, and get ridiculously excited over wrappings and tags. These are a festive way to spruce up a plain or natural wrapping paper (my favorite kinds)!

ten. Forage Bow Ties
Again, men are the hardest for me to shop for. I also happen to love bow ties. Why not gift a bow tie to a particularly stylish man?


  1. I love these as gift ideas! The coffee cozy would be such a cute stocking stuffer.

  2. never mind a man, i want that wooden watch for myself! xo

  3. These are all so sweet! I love that bow tie especially. Lucky man who ends up with that one!

  4. the conversation table top cards are adorable!!

  5. I want that bow tie as a clip in for my hair! So gorgeous!!!

  6. I'm loving all of the "keep calm, carry on" signs I've been seeing lately. Super cute post!

  7. My mom & dad always have Table Topics out when we eat Thanksgiving dinner. :) I love it!

  8. I love the wooden watch and iPhone covers!

  9. These are awesome! I cannot quite decide which I like best...x

  10. oh that wooden watch is too cool. love these picks!

  11. ove the coffee cosy, if i could knit i would make these as gifts...

  12. loving all these ideas!! so cute! will def be checking out those iphone cases!

    feel free to stop by my blog and check out all the festive gift ideas and discounts! :)

  13. the conversation table top cards are adorable!!