November 18, 2011

System Kings

I've been a huge fan of and the amazing desktop wallpapers they create for a long time...
I've even posted about one of the artists before, Marius Bauer!

To quote what the project is about,

Systemkings is a joint venture between Marius Bauer, Archan Nair, Jared Nickerson and Katerina Murysina. On route to explore a style of collaborative effort, this unique project is the outcome of a journey between art and design.
It features wallpapers in desktop, mobile and pad formats. All designs displayed here are also available in our shop as beautiful fine art prints, bundled in an art book and as high quality shirts.

I think their work speaks for itself, check out these amazing wallpapers and more at!


  1. How gorgeous! I just love the mixture of bright colors *__*

  2. Whoa, you are super talented, I really like your style. The colors in these are right up my alley.