January 13, 2012


one. Fred and Friends Spooled Earbuds Holder
How cute is this? My earbuds are always getting all tangled up, but with this cute holder, I can keep them wrapped up in such a stylish way!

two. Laura Mercier Lip Stain
After hearing Keiko Lynn always rave about this stuff, it's been on my want list forever. I'm a big fan of all lipsticks, glosses, and stains, so why not add more to my collection? ;)

three. IKEA MALM Dresser
So, my friend recently gave me a ton of her clothes which pretty much doubled my wardrobe, making it necessary for me to get another dresser. I love this simple white IKEA one; next weekend, it will be mine!

four. Holiday Sputnik Mobile
Ok, so this is more of a DIY project, and it's kind of Christmas related, but oh well! I think you could really have fun with making something like this, and if you use the right colors, you can hang it up all year! I must make this.

five. Starry String Lights
I'm a fan of anything fun and whimsical, and these lights are too cute! What great mood lighting :)

six. Walrus Ice Cream Scoop
Because one can never have enough kitchen novelties, right?!

seven. ASOS Bag
I'm in desperate need of a new bag. I love the mustardy-brown color of this bag, and it's the perfect size! *sigh*

What are you currently loving?


  1. That ice cream scoop is so funny!!

  2. The spool for ear buds is genius!


  3. OK I need to create a reason to get those little lights and the walrus spoon into my life!

  4. I so need five and six... RIGHT NOW!!! <3 I seriously adore that ice cream scoop, eeee!

  5. aaahhh!! i love that ice cream scooper!!! :P

  6. That spool earbud holder is so adorable! I need it! :]

  7. I'm in desperate need of a new bag, too. And look how pretty that one is....

  8. yes! i love that asos bag! and those starry lights!! great finds and thanks for sharing!!

  9. super cute! i adore this! xx


  10. I love all of it! especially the starry-lights - so dreamy!

    following :)

    Hope you're having a lovely day :)

    Kelly x