February 1, 2012


Happy February everyone! In the spirit of the month-that-is-ruled-by-valentines-day, I created a "Currently Loving" of some very pretty Valentines items. I hope you enjoy!

one. Painted Heart Bag
What a fun DIY project! This would make such a great gift to give to a friend or girlfriend.

two. Heart Cake
I've been ogling this cake for as long as I can remember. Maybe this year I'll kick my butt into gear and actually make it...

three. Heart Stickers
Pure pretty! I pretty much just want these for my collection... :)

four. Felted Heart Soap
I've blogged about these felted soaps before, and will continue too! They're such a pretty addition to any bathroom, and would make a great gift to a mom or grandma.

five. ASOS Dress
There isn't anything I dislike about this dress...the color! The shape! The darling little cutout! I think I needed it in my wardrobe yesterday.

six. Pretty Latasia Bracelets
These are my favorite bracelets from Latasia. The pinks are so pretty!

seven. "These Diamonds Are Forever" Art Print
This print is too cool! I love the sketchy-ness and bright colors. I'd love to have this on my wall!


In other news, I have two new lovely sponsors, Angie & Meg!! I'm excited to have them here :)
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In other other news, I chopped my hair off! I'll be writing a post about it soon, but if you follow me on instagram (kylacovert), you might have already seen it :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I love these pics. That cake looks delicious.


  2. I am not much for pink at all, but I love the tote and heart stickers! A dash of pink never hurt anyone ;)

  3. I am loving the heart tote. So sweet.

  4. That's so lovely and very inspiring! <3

  5. I love this day too, but my boyfriend hates it and doesn't get me anything *sad face*. Luckily I still got my dose of hearts and pink from this post! I adore that DIY bag! x

  6. Ah I've been wanting to make a cake like that. I'm too lazy.

  7. That cake is sooooo cool! Can't get over it!

  8. Can't wait to hear from your new sponsors! These Valentines picks are adorable! I wish I was crafty enough to make that cake!

  9. Oh my gosh!!! Eep!!! Love that ASOS dress. Like wow. Also, I don't have Instagram, but I'll definitely take a peek!

  10. ALSO! I'm extremely thrilled to be your sponsor this month!!!

  11. I love the packaging of those stickers (and the stickers are pretty cute, too). :)

  12. I'll be your Valentine! That cake looks amazing!

  13. I'm loving all these Valentine things! That cake is definitely my favorite. How cool!

  14. I sure wish I could replicate that cake! It's soooo cute!

  15. Hi Kyla, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog! I am so glad to return the favor: yours is truly gorgeous. And I love that haircut, it suits you great!

  16. Ahh wow, that heart cake is amazing! I would have no patience to make that haha, plus, I'm terrible at baking cakes!

  17. Aw that cake is super cute!

    xo Jennifer