August 22, 2012

Fall List

fall wishlist

one // glasses
I've been wanting to wear glasses more (contacts are so expensive!!), and I am totally digging the caramel color of these frames!

two // fun blazer
I have my staple blazers, now I want a bright statement blazer! I've been loving fuschia lately, how fun is it in blazer form?

three // boots
OK, so I won't be able to afford a new pair of Frye Boots, but I CAN cross this off my list - I snagged a great deal on Bass Boots this past weekend! Unfortunately, they're not available online (outlets shopping), but they do look pretty similar to this pair - and cost $270 less!

one // staple cardigan
I've worn my plain black cardigan down to the threads, so I'm on the lookout for a new one. I love the color blocking of this one, it's fun but still classic.

one // work blouse
You can never have too many work blouses, right? Plus this swan print is so fun!

one // high-waisted shorts
I can't wait to rock a pair of high-waisted shorts with bright tights & my new platforms this fall!

What's on your fall wish list?


  1. Such great fall picks. Really want some skinny chords. :)

  2. Love your picks. I have to trust my glasses to keep my going because, like you, I think contacts are so expensive!

  3. I've been searching for a pink blazer for aaages! Its always hard to find a blazer that fits just right...

    x Aliya
    Hill Side Story

  4. Mmm I love the colour blocked cardigan. These are perfect fall picks. I'm working on my list right now and leaning toward classic shapes and colours.


  5. I wish I could buy ALL THE FRYE BOOTS EVER but will have to be content with the ones I have. But seriously, I have a boot addiction I think. Now you've got me started...

  6. Those are really great boots and a REALLY great cardigan.

    and yes, get glasses like those.

  7. your right - i love those glasses and workblouses are the best! you have such great picks. fall is my fashion favorite time ha - love your blog!

  8. Oh man frye boots have been on my wish list FOREVER... one day. :)

  9. ooh all of these things... I especially am loving those boots :) unfortunately what really is on my fall wish list is stuff for the baby :)

  10. The boots, that cardigan and the cheetah shirt are amazing, even though you didn't mention the cheetah shirt, hehe!

  11. That pink blazer is so cute!!!

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  12. gaaah! is it fall already?? i definitely more blazers and a pair of decent boots!

  13. i LOVE that top - you would especially look great in it! and that pink blazer too

  14. this week's friday's fancies have me jonesing for colored blazers! i'm going on the hunt for one for my collection. also: i'm in love with those chic glasses - i'm due for some updated frames, & those will serve as inspiration.

  15. Those glasses are so cute!!!

    xo, Emily