August 20, 2012

What I Wore // Platform Sandals

When I found out I won the Free People giveaway from Allie of The World Looks Red, I knew I had to buy something I never normally would when I saw these shoes, I knew I had to get them.

They are by far the tallest and craziest shoes I own, and they make over 6'! They're super comfortable though...maybe I am turing into a shoe fanatic?

platform sandals platform sandals platform sandals platform sandals Outfit Details
Top: Thrifted
Jeans: Thrifted
Shoes: Free People
Jewelry: Latasia

Do you own crazy shoes? These probably aren't crazy to most people...but as my first real pair of heels over 3"...they are to me ;)


  1. Oh my, I probably wouldn't be able to wear those. I can walk (sorta) in high heels but not platforms - go figure

  2. i love that picture of you on the stairs! you are just so cute. and i LOVE these shoes. i have been buying more platform things too. my craziest shoes are my mj mouse flats, i suppose. anyhow - this is great

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. those shoes are super cute. I love the fun feel of these pictures as well, you're cute!

  4. Ouuu funky shoes indeed! I love that theyre a little wild but simple too :) I realized in my move that im, a shoe fanatic - I had so many more pairs than I thought I did! eep!


  5. They look great on you! I'm not really a crazy heels girl (or crazy show girl), but I just bought a pair of pretty yellow ballet flats, which I really love nonetheless.

  6. What an awesome giveaway to win! The color is fantastic!

  7. So cute. The cobolt blue is a great shade!

  8. these are so much fun! And these photos look like they came straight out of an editorial ^^ super cute!

    I don't own any crazy shoes, no. I don't like shoe shooping, so all my shoes are pretty basic ^^ xo

  9. Those shoes rock! I love them.

    I have a lot of crazy shoes... but I find they all sit a lot more than the ones that are really really comfy... I'm bad that way. =/

  10. free people are amazin!!

  11. I love these shoes and how excited you look about them! I wish I owned more crazy shoes but practicality generally wins me over.


  12. haha I'm the same as you, I would feel like these were crazy high! But they really suit you! you look amazing as always x