September 19, 2012

Just Doing Some Dream Shopping...

Pretty self-explanitory, really ^^ Oh, if I had the extra cash! These items are just about out of my price range...harrumph.

dream shopping

one. yellow wedge // two. booties // three. pink midi // four. striped top // five. elbow patch sweater // six. dot blazer // seven. fox tee

What's on your dream wishlist?


  1. I've been in love with heart elbow patches - need that sweater ASAP!

  2. That spotted blazer is perfection.

  3. Ciao! I like your blog! If you like,come to my blog to follow with me Milan Fashion Week! Kiss, Paolo

  4. that fox tee is too cute… i may have to go hunt it down now!

  5. Madewell is going to kill me one day! I love their whol collection to pieces. But alas, the piggy bank is empty :( haha! x

  6. love that striped top!

    on my wish list.... a pair of tall boots and a few more comfy cozy sweaters!