September 25, 2012

Product & Print // 006

I love space. I love sci-fi. I love everything to do with space & sci-fi. So this week's Product & Print reflects that!
I keep seeing those awesome matches everywhere...I need to get my hands on a pack!

product & print 006

product // print

Anyone else a big sci-fi fan?


  1. Meee! Mainly Doctor Who but other stuff as well. Great find with the print!

  2. I'm not a big sci-fi fan but I definitely appreciate the beauty of the stars! I love this.


  3. ohhh anything with space is so intriguing. That pack of matches is way cool.

  4. Those matches are so fun! The other day someone was complaining how there are no "good shows" on TV anymore, and I just shrugged since everything I watch comes on BBC. I'm obsessed with Sci-Fi/Supernatural stuff!

  5. I'm not a sci-fi fan, but even then I can appreciate the awesomeness of this cool!

  6. now these are cool!!
    my extent of knowledge when it comes to sci-fi is c.s. lewis' space trilogy if that counts for anything!
    i have actually been intending on broadening my fiction horizon, so if you have any good starter sci-fi novels that you love, i'd love to check them out!