October 3, 2012

Pretty Pany Necklace Giveaway!

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to announce that my sponsor Anya of Pretty Pany is hosting a giveaway today! Anya is an amazing jewelry designer, and her creations can be found over at her etsy shop.

pretty pany
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What made you initially start creating jewelry?
Designing jewelry is another outlet for my creativity. I strive for simplicity in the design and do my best to let the beauty of the natural stones and metals come through organically. I also love drawing and I am doodling all the time. Unlike sketching or painting, jewelry has an added bonus - there is a definitive beginning and ending. Da Vinci said: "Art is never finished, only abandoned." When I draw or paint I am always tempted to tinker with the piece too much. I cannot abandon it. With jewelry, I know when the piece is finished - it feels more like the “Ta-Da!” at the end of a magic trick. On the other hand, I enjoy the way jewelry allows me to communicate with others. While each viewer sees something different in artwork, jewelry seems to be more of a wink and a smile. I love seeing people beam when they try on one of my pieces of jewelry. Such a pleasure!

I love the jewelry you make! Everything is so quirky and bright. Where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration in everyday things: a balloon caught in a tree, a bicycle wheel with ribbon threaded between spokes, dripping ice cream. There is art in everything. I also find relief in lack of symmetry and the imperfections that you can find in natural stones. Another source of inspiration is people. Many of the pieces in my inventory were made with specific people in mind. What would Anna Karenina wear? What would my college roommate like? People, whether they are real or characters in works of fiction, are unique and so they provide me with an endless source of inspiration.

Can you tell me a bit more about your fundraiser with cure.org?
Cure.org is a wonderful non-profit organization that makes dreams come true for both gift recipients and gift givers. I came across Cure International when I was looking for a neat way to celebrate my daughter's first birthday. Lily was born with clubfoot and has been going through treatment since birth. It has been a personal and life-changing experience. My husband and I just wanted to give back in some way. So we set up a fundraiser on Cure.org for a boy in Honduras to receive the same treatment Lily had. We had so much fun recruiting donors and directing everyone where to participate! I was bummed when we reached our goal and suddenly it was over. I kept looking at Lily's healthy beautiful feet and thinking about what else we could do. So, I set up a section in my store and started making simple necklaces to benefit the Cure International. 50% of each sale goes to Cure.org. Two beads for one pair of feet here in US and two beads for a pair of feet in another country. We have resources and finances to help our little girl, we can do the same for another child where these resources are not readily available. I grew up in a tiny town in the former soviet republic of Ukraine and I know a bit about not having enough. You will be amazed how far a couple of dollars can go in the old country. I guess, in a sense it is my way of helping those who need it, just as I received help when I needed it.
anya & lily

What do you like to do when you're not creating jewelry? My life is simple and boring. I like spending time with my daughter, riding my Ducati motorcycle to work (very slowly) without falling, and working on illustrations in the little spare time I have left. I love working with negative space and exploring various patterns. Right now I am working on an auto-biographic graphic novel and a children's book. These are all works in progress. There are a dozen of unfinished drawings collecting dust in my studio somewhere. Oh, so many things, so little time! No, I am not being honest. I have time; I just like to work leisurely. Some call it "being lazy". I call it working leisurely.

And lastly...what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Honey ice cream is da bomb! Where in the world can you get honey ice cream? Why, Indiana State Fair of course! Yeah, and don't try making it at home... speaking from experience here!

Now, for the giveaway...you can win this beautiful necklace!
win this necklace!

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Good luck, and I'll announce the winner next Wednesday, October 10.


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  12. http://www.etsy.com/listing/103327927/silver-star-charms-with-czech-glass
    intl. resident
    tumblemumbo at gmail.com

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    good luck to everyone :D

    <3 katherine
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