November 27, 2012

Product & Print // 15

I've been coveting these string lights for quite a while now. Wouldn't they make a perfect addition to holiday decor? Hang your lights around this print, and get ready for snow!

product & print

product // print

Is anyone a fan of snow? I despise driving in it, and only like looking at it when I know I don't have to drive ;)

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  1. I love love love snow. But only a certain kind of snow. I hate the wet, slushy snow. But at home we have this wonderful soft, light snow that doesn't melt and soak you right through. It's beautiful.

  2. i love those string lights!!! i'm so excited to decorate :)

  3. I tend to hate the cold but I only like it when there is snow - it's just so pretty and lovely and ugh. Unfortunately though, snow quickly turns to slush in the big city. Yuck!

    Love these photos though!

  4. Aaah! Those christmas lights are so pretty! They are great for decorating the tree, but I could also see them in my interior far after the holidays! Great find! x

  5. I love this idea. I'm very much into decorating for the holidays right now. We don't get snow around here but, I love the idea of being in snow for the winter! =) (so says the girl who has never lived in snow...)

  6. snow news is good news! so cute! i love the lights too - such good packaging - i have never seen christmas lights with that nice of packaging

    <3 katherine
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  7. Yay! Christmas season! Those lights are sooo lovely!

  8. i could use those string lights for sure. they'd really prettify my apartment like crazy.

  9. I really want those string lights too! Super pretty. Just found your blog and I'm hooked! (I'm your newest follower) xo

  10. I've been lusting over those lights too. They are so pretty.