January 13, 2013

What I Wore // Weekend Wears

This is a pretty typical weekend outfit for me - I had bought this pink skirt on a whim from H&M a few months ago for $6, and didn't wear it until just now. Mistake! I love this skirt, and it's in my favorite color. The striped shirt is also one of my most worn items - as you can see here & here.

weekend wears weekend wears weekend wears

Also, can we talk about how long my hair is getting? Remember when it was this short?? I'm still debating whether to cut it again or keep it long. What do you think?


  1. I love this outfit!! You look so pretty and the color of that skirt is awesome. I can't believe it was only 6 dollars.

  2. You necklace is cute, and yay for bargains! :)

  3. Oh wow, the colors in that outfit are AHMAZING. You look so pretty and that style is so refreshing. I also love anything striped. ;) Oh and THAT NECKLACE!!! Did you know that if an elephant has a raised trunk in a statue/piece of jewelry/etc. it's considered lucky? ;)

    As for your hair, I'd give you some advice, but I'm in the same boat... Mine is juuuust about shoulder length again and I'm already thinking of cutting it...

  4. I love this outfit! I've been having some anxiety about shopping with H&M lately, have you seen their ethical ratings?

    1. I have not - though now I'm going to go and research that, I'm really interested!

  5. Your hair is really cute longer... hmmm. I need to cut mine soon (this week) and am thinking of going with a mid-length hairstyle

  6. so cute. I love the pop of color!

  7. so cute! Love the leg warmers and the ring!

  8. colorful!


  9. I love just the plain color blockable skirt! Mixed with the teal socks is awesome! And stripes are of course a fave always!