March 1, 2013

Happy Friday!

Ok, raise your hand if you have Spring Fever! It's been slightly warmer than normal here, and I'm so ready for the flowers to start blooming and bring out my lighter dresses. But I know I've still got a while to go before that happens :/

I do apologize if I've been absent lately (yes, I'm apologizing agian) but work has been ridiculous lately and I don't know where my time is going. I get home and the last thing I want to do is sit on my computer more :/ But I'm going to try and do better next week, I promise!

happy friday!

giant flowers // alice & olivia dress // tru love type // floral print

Also, congratulations to the winner of the Sweet Spot Bags giveaway, Nancy! Nancy was chosen using


  1. The floral print is awesome! So much creativity in it! Love it ;)

  2. I'm sooo ready for spring too. Love that bit of sweet typography!

  3. I absolutely love Spring! Warmer days are ahead!

  4. So nice inspiration. Have a great weekend.

  5. Yay spring time! Those dresses are putting me in the mood for some sunshine and flowers! Maybe a picnic in the park!