May 10, 2013

Happy Friday // Birthday Edition

So, my birthday is coming up this Monday, and even though I'm turning an awkward age (24) I'm still excited. There's some part of me that still feels like I'm turning 10 :) In honor of this weekend, I thought I'd share my birthday wishlist!

kyla is inspired | birthday wishlist

love momiji
Ok, these little dolls are probably the cutest things I have ever seen. I already collect dunnys, and I can see myself starting to collect these little gems.

death's door vodka
I already have the accompanying gin on my bar cart, so why not add the vodka, too? ;)

This pattern matches up so perfectly with what my aesthetic has been lately - I can picture is working so well with the style I'm trying to bring to my living room.

jeweled t-shirt
Lately I've been wanting more pieces in my wardrobe that can be worn both to work, and for fun. I think this shirt, with that gorgeous color, would be just that!

These flats are so pretty! Again, these would work really well for work and play!

crystal statement necklace
I just can't seem to get enough of statement necklaces! This one is so pretty.

orange file cabinet
As I'm getting older, I find myself needing more space to file my papers, receipts, and general things. I think doing so in style would be even better.

ampersand screen print
This has been on my wishlist since last year. Maybe this will be the year that I actually purchase it!

constellation matches
Again, these would be fabulous on my bar cart :)

Mostly, I just really can't wait for this weekend!
kyla is inspired | ready for the weekend
Thanks for the above photo, Anthony!

I hope you have a fun weekend!


  1. Happy birthday weekend! How exciting! I love these finds, especially the ampersand print and the bar cart. :)

  2. Love these items...especially the matches and the necklace!
    Happy (early) Birthday! There's nothing awkward about 24 or you! Just enjoy're still before your mid-20s! =D

  3. What a fun photo of you! :)

    And I am now inlooove with those curtains. Definitely my style!

  4. I hope you spent most of your weekend in early celebration of your birthday. And really do like those cute momijis

  5. Metallic and cork are my two favorite trends this summer - so those flats are perfection! Love your fun skirt in the picture.

    xx, Bubbly in Brooklyn

  6. You should definitely treat yourself to that ampersand print - so pretty! Happy birthday!

  7. I want it alllll. We like such similar things. Those shoes and that cabinet are on my wishlist. I have one of the tables that goes with that cabinet.

  8. This reminds me to put up a curtain just like the one on your list! :D

  9. OOH!! Happy belated birthday Kyla!! When you get to my age you'll tell yourself age is but a number!! (an excuse for self denial!) Hope you got something off your wishlist!

  10. Happy belated birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!