May 17, 2013

Happy Friday!

Did anyone else feel like this was a long week? Later tonight I'll be heading to an event at Anthropologie with the PVD Lady Project, and I'm super excited. And because I didn't get to see my mom last weekend, she'll be visiting me this weekend :) And, fingers crossed, I'll get some new what i wore posts together!

kyla is inspired | happy friday!

graphic print // patience pills // facial exfoliant // rosemary lemon shortbread cookies

What are your plans this weekend?


  1. Haha I need some patience pills :-) Have fun with your mom this weekend!

  2. Yes totally felt this week was way longer than others! It probably was elevated due to the fact that I had to work some late nights.
    Hope you have a great time at the event!

  3. Enjoy yourself at the event! I adore Anthropologie. :) So sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

    This weekend (besides working) I will be creating my portfolio! Actually really excited about that. :)

  4. I am super jealous of the awesome event. Anthro is so darn addicting and I just love all of their fab displays.

  5. Those cookies truly sound delicious!

  6. Those cookies look delectable and I may need some patience pills myself, haha. Have fun with your mother-bonding time as well as the Anthro event!