July 19, 2013

Happy Friday!

So who else has been absolutely boiling due to this heat wave? I can't take much more of this...I'm more of a spring/fall gal. this photo is stunning...I love the desert background. I feel like I've been in a rainforest with the humidity, and could definitely go for some dry weather!

kyla is inspired | happy friday!

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  1. I very much dislike hot weather! I am definitely an Autumn girl and I love stormy weather the most. I wouldn't mind a Summer of 70s-80s. Ahhhh. ♥

  2. Kyla, just pop down and come see us if you're looking for some dry heat :)

  3. Summer is my favorite season but this heat is insane! I live at the beach and there really isn't too much relief here either, unless you stay in the water.

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  4. fun i like this collection of stuff :)

  5. I've totally been dreaming of fall these days! Go home summer, you are drunk!

  6. Autumn is my number one fave season because of the warm colors and mid-temp weather :) It's been boiling hot here as wel, but today we get to enjoy a lower 20°C. The weather channel predicted a heatwave for next week though... x

  7. For living in the south, it actually hasn't been that bad for us this year... which is weird since it's the end of July and all. We've been graced with clouds and rainstorms this summer, and I have been so thankful! Definitely has been keeping things slightly cooler... :)

    But yes, I still do yearn for cooler temps! I love to ride my bike, so a bit of chilly weather is excellent for that. Those photos are gorgeous!