July 16, 2013

Product & Print | 046

I've been marathoning Mad Men recently, and I've been obsessed with vintage ads and the aura of that area. I love the way this week's Product & Print turned out - this illustration from the talented Two Arms Inc caught my eye immediately. I love the circus vibe of it. And how great are these mid-century basket chairs?

kyla is inspired | product & print


  1. We have a LOT of Two Arms prints in our home - love their work!

  2. Isn't Mad Men the best? My co-worker just started the series so she has been on a marathon. My husband and I just finished watching last season. Ah so good.
    Love this tribute post to the generation of ad agency mania!

    1. It's so addicting! I'm on season 3, but have been watching at least 1-2 per night :)

  3. I'm loving this print! The colors are wonderful and I like the product you chose to correspond. Always one of my favorite series! :)

  4. love the vibrant colors in the print so fun :)

  5. Oooo those chairs look quite comfy too