August 21, 2013

Island Creek Oyster Bar | Oat Creative

How great is this branding for Island Creek Oyster Bar by Oat Creative? I love pretty much every project Oat creates, but this one is especially fun. Living in New England where oysters are really popular, I can really see this branding fitting in really well.

Island Creek Oyster Bar | Oat Creative Island Creek Oyster Bar | Oat Creative

Also...the Island Creek Oyster Bar website is a must-visit. It's amazing!


  1. I love fun branding projects! The colors used in this are amazing. They are bright enough to really stand out against the grays. Thank you for sharing Kyla!

  2. They did an excellent job on every element of the design! Love it!

  3. Lovely! Great color palette!

  4. Wow, such an awesome website! The whole branding is beautiful!