August 13, 2013

Product & Print | 050

Wow, can you believe that Product & Print has been around for 50 weeks??

This week I'm all about traveling....seeing everyone's vacation photos (and this beautiful illustration), I can't help but dream of some foreign places! Of course, I would travel in style with these luggage tags (and get the matching passport cover as well!).

kyla is inspired | product & print

Where are you dreaming of traveling to?


  1. wow has it been that much time?! I love seeing this series! This set is really calling to me since I dream of being a world traveler one day!

  2. I love traveling and this just adds to the fun of it!


  3. Wow 50?! That's impressive.. I love this series so looking forward to MANY more weeks!! Oh traveling, there are so many places I want to go... but I think Europe and Australia are on the top right now!

  4. Anywhere Kyla! I'd go just about anywhere right now :)

  5. 50 already! good lord, you really have the persistence! im always dropping out halfway through my plans! I just got back from NYC and i'm already itching for more travels!