October 13, 2011

Currently Loving // 10.13.11

one. Knee-High Socks
I know these are more winter than fall, but tell me these wouldn't be adorable under a pair of great boots!

two. Equestrian Blazer
*sigh*. This blazer is perfection...even on sale it's waaaay over my budget though :/ The patches on the sleeves are what won me over!

three. Watch Pendent
I just love that this watch is cleverly placed within a raincloud, complete with a rainbow! There's something modern and fun about it, yet it still feels slightly traditional which is great.

four. Skelton Cameo
In the Halloween spirt, this cameo would make a darling accessory for any outfit!

five. High Tack Boots
If these don't say fall, then I don't know what does. This light tan is simply stunning, and the height to these beauties is perfect.

six. IKEA swivel Chair
Ever since I went to IKEA in August, I've been coveting this chair, in white. Then I saw that they offered this chair is this amazing pattern, and nearly died. It will be mine come Christmas time!

seven. ban.do Heart Headband
I'm not usually a fan of sparkly items, but this headband is too cute to resist. Ban.do always has the coolest products!

eight. Zig Zag Carnival Rug
Does this amazing rug even need any comments to go with it??

Anyone else have anything you're currently in love with?


  1. I love those knee high socks! I wear them in the fall and winter.

  2. Those boots are awesome! Sign me up!!!!

  3. those socks are amaaaaazing! xo

  4. LOVE everything!! I'm obsessed with chevron print lately!!

    Happy Thursday,

  5. oh that blazer is magnificent! those elbow patches!

  6. i loveee the watch pendant! :D Xx


  7. loving allll of these. especially the knee high socks and boots!!
    xo TJ

  8. omg I am so totally loving thigh high socks right now. Go so cute with a cute pair of shorts <3

  9. Gahh that blazer is such perfection! I love this post - you laid it out so beautifully! ^^

  10. That blazer and those boots, GORGEOUS! I love this entire collection... great work :)

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  11. Ah, I want that blazer and that watch pendant...so pretty!! I really love the whole collection though:) Right now I would shawls/ponchos are what I'm in love with.

  12. You're totally right! That blazer is perfection :)
    The pads on the elbows and shoulders totally make it!

  13. omg the watch necklace is rocking!!!!!kisses
    La Folie 

  14. great picks!! i especially love the socks!