October 11, 2011

True Blood Obsession

I was waiting to write this post until my True Blood withdrawal kicked in...and only one month later and I already miss my favorite show :/ I barely lasted at all, and now I need to wait a whole year for the next season! I'm bad at waiting.

Favorite Character:
Jessica is so sassy, I can't help but love her. When she was first brought into the show, I thought she was just going to be annoying, but she quickly grew to be my favorite! Also...I absolutely love her gorgeous blue eyes and ginger curls!
Also, she has an amazing blog, Baby Vamp Jessica!

Second Favorite Character:
Pam is just amazing. She's mean, rude, gorgeous, and has the best shoe collection. I love how devoted she is to Eric, too.

Favorite Secondary Character:
Let's be honest here...if we want to talk about wardrobe, Queen Sophie-Ann has the best one, hands down. She brings all the glamour of the 30's and 40's, and an air of sophistication even if she was broke. I think that's why I liked her so much. I was so sad when I realized she wouldn't be back :(

Favorite Season:
Even though this was the bloodiest season, it's my favorite. I almost chose season one, but I realized Jessica wasn't in it, and Pam and Eric were hardly in it, so I went with three ^^ Russell was a great villain, and I think he really helped make the season strong. Also, the werewolves were pretty awesome.

Favorite Couple:
A lot of people I talk to don't like Arlene, but I just adore her...she's loud and not afraid to be herself. Terry is perfect for her...you can just tell he loves her so much! Plus, I'm so intrigued with the whole "devil baby" storyline!

The Obligatory "Bill v. Eric":
What can I say? I was team Eric for Sookie ever since he came on screen. It doesn't help that I never liked Bill.

Are there any other True Blood fans out there? I'm so much of a fan that I even own the Merlotte's t-shirt!


  1. Yay!! I'm in the Eric camp too! I know he's a douche sometimes but that man is just so... wow. Season 3 was my favorite too :) Season 4 was a bit iffy to me but I loved the Sookie, Eric dynamic.

  2. I love True Blood! I think my favorite dressed in the show is the Queen :)

  3. i'm in the Eric camp too, but if u asked me, i prefer the books over the TV series. And having read them first, i never quite got into the show...

  4. I think I agree with every single 'favorite' of yours. I am completely in love with Jessica. I didn't think she'd be as great as a character in the beginning but I was wrong. I hated the ending of season 4 because I enjoyed Tara, even if she was a little iffy at times. :P

  5. Okay, I've heard so much about True Blood. I should probably watch it!

  6. Holy. I never liked Bill either! I'm SO glad I'm not the only one! My Mr. and I got started on this show a few months ago and we're already jonesing for season 4 to come out. I actually think Andrew likes it more than I do! How fantastic is that?

    xo Shannon

  7. I'm trying not to read your whole post because we haven't watched this season yet so I don't want any spoilers!

    Love Eric...gah!

  8. yayyy i LOVE true blood too!!! eeee erics a hottttie! :P xkim