March 8, 2012

I Admire...Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische needs no explanation. She's basically a lettering & illustration queen, and her array of projects never cease to amaze me. You should definitely go check out her site, because I can't feature all the amazing projects she has. Also, her "teen version" of her site is worth checking out, too.

Also, you should also check out her project, "Should I Work For Free". Every designer needs to see it.

Are you a fan of Jessica's work?


  1. How gorgeous!! I'm a font- junkie, & her site has me drooling! Another great find~*

  2. thank you for sharing, im a fan of her work now :)

  3. She's VERY talented! I've only 'mastered' architectural lettering. Uh, not too much to look at. That 'Should I Work for Free" is awesome. :)

  4. I LOVE that weekly gorgeous!!!

    Her work is beautiful!
    xo, Allie