March 7, 2012

Perforated Celebration Cards

How adorable are these perforated celebration cards, from tokketok?

I'm not exactly sure what I would use them for (any ideas??), but they're adorable nonetheless.


  1. Hhhm, these cards are obviously all for what you'd give to couples who just found out they're going to be new parents! Just kidding!! They're so adorable to use for anything!

    Uum, like "whoot!" for passing a test, "uh-oh" could be for light-hearted sympathy, "aww" for someone just looking pretty that day, "yikes!' for that cute guy that you have a crush on, "eeek" for something extremely exciting, ...I can go on and on!!

    You could totally pass these cards out to your friends/random people and just make their day!! Just adorable!!

  2. I'm definitely a fan of the Whoot! They really look like the perfect cards for any kind of occasion. And I love TokkeTok!

  3. So fun. They would be cute all framed or taped up on a wall as art. :)