March 15, 2012

Ruche Enchantment Lookbook

Have you seen the newest lookbook by Ruche? It's called Enchantment, and I've definitely looked through it multiple's so pretty and serene.
I love everything Ruche comes up with...remember their old Pastel Lookbook?

Go see the full lookbook here!


  1. Oh gosh, I've been loving this lookbook for a while now. It's so cool how it's completely different from the Pastel Lookbook, but still has the same effect of airy simplicity. Love them both!

  2. gorgeous pictures. so pretty!

  3. Their look books are always so beautiful to look at, yet I still have not ordered anything from them. I would love to be a fashion photographer and do things like this , I really wanted to do that for a long time but chose design instrad

  4. Ruche is also elusive to me. I hear so much about them and see ads on the sides of blogs but never venture to their website... Both this Enchantment and then the Pastel book are in my taste though!