March 17, 2012

Currently Loving // Spring Essentials

Welp, as I write this I'm sitting inside in a pea coat & scarf, waiting for my car to get fixed on this chilly rainy day. Do I have spring fever? Most definitely. Mother Nature teased us last week with nice warm weather an sunshine during the week, then took it back for the weekend -_-

That doesn't mean I still can't wish for Spring! And what better way than sharing what I'm currently Spring Fever Essentials!

one.Stacked Bracelets
two. Votives
three. Topshop Leather Brogues
four. Kate Spade Look
five. ASOS belt
six. Blue Chevron Earrings

This year I think I'm going to be all about mixing different pastel shades, and maybe throwing in some bright colors. I've been really into accessories lately, so I'll definitely be wearing a lot of those!

What are your Spring must-haves this year?


  1. love that bracelet!

  2. Ooh, I LOVE those shoes! And the stacked bracelets! The colors are perfect. :]

    Sorry the weather has turned back to chilly, lady! Here, the weather went from nice and warm to ridiculously hot and humid. :[
    xo, Allie

  3. Fantastic taste, as always...& those shoes are making me drool-- love!

  4. oooh, that bracelet! I LOVE it :) And The Kate Spade S/S collection has killed me. xo

  5. Congratulations on winning my $50 shopping spree giveaway! You should be getting the email from Brands Exclusive soon. Thanks so much for participating!:)

    Shelby xoxo

  6. love it all! your blog is great :]