March 18, 2012

What I Wore: Sunny Pinks

Today was probably the nicest day this year yet! I took the opportunity to be outside as much as possible, in the sun. I just always feel so much happier in warm, sunny weather. Doesn't everyone?

It also makes me wear bright pink:

Thanks for the photos, Sam!

Outfit Details
Dress: Modcloth
Booties: Blowish
Jewelry: Latasia

I hope your weekends have been lovely! Anyone else spending as much time outside as they possibly can before the work week starts?


  1. My tights today are this same color! Love this season (even though I wear a lot of bright colors in the winter too).

  2. I am in LOVE with those tights. Their colour is amazing!! x

  3. Eep, amazing tights and amazing outfit all together! I love those boots. ♥ Blowfish is freakin' amazing!

    We WERE having beautiful weather here in Utah... For me, beautiful is Spring thunderstorm/rainstorm weather. I like overcast days myself. :P However, NOT when the snow starts... Like today. Boo!

  4. You look lovely here! Pretty outfit and your hair is great! :) Hope you have a great week x

  5. This is too cute. It's perfectly cheerful. I love the zipper up the back.


  6. Great styling! pairing with fuchsia leggings is PERFECT!

    Followed you on google connect ;)

    Much love,

  7. i love your modcloth dress!!!! and what an amazing background for a photoshoot. look at all the different shades of brown in that last picture! SUPER LIKE!

  8. Adore the colors in this outfit! Great pairing! xo

  9. such lovely tights! now i'm thinking i need some fuchsia in my life :)

  10. Like everyone, I heart the tights! I have a pair similar to these, that I've never worn. Makes me want to break 'em out and rock it.

  11. ah! i love that dress! it's so great on you - and those tights really make it like spring! and adorable shoes too