April 16, 2012

Guest Posting: The Daily Life

Hi everyone, I'm guest posting today for Alivia of Brunch in April (one of my lovely Sponsors!), all about my daily life as a Graphic Designer! It's a new series she's doing calledThe Daily Life
Go check it out!

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  1. Sounds like a neat feature! Headed to check it out!!!

  2. I read your post on the other blog! Such an inspiring and encouraging story! It's easy to always wonder what will happen next! Thanks for making me think more positively!

  3. Oh yay Kyla. Ill be eagerly awaiting to read the feature. As a student designer Im particular interested ;) Anyway please link the final outcome here okies? ^_^

    Eeli xo

    1. You can read the feature right here: http://www.brunchinapril.com/2012/04/new-series-tdl-v2.html

  4. i love the post!! your office area is really nice - i quite envy it. i love open spaces like that and it looks like your desk faces out into everything, i'm in a corner in a dark office and feel like an animal hiding out all the time! and your work is so great - how lucky to just run into someone who was hiring in starbucks!

  5. I love your story you a very lucky! I am studying Graphic design atm I havnt got much of a choice as to where I can get a job in my town however. fingers crossed I get a bit of your luck :)