September 23, 2012

Vancouver Fashion Week // Backstage & Candids

I don't know about you, but I love looking at backstage & candid shots at fashion shows. They're just so fun, and make the models and designers seem more personable. Check out these shots from Vancouver Fashion Week!

vancouver fashion week
All shots by Peter Jensen & Linsey Hulls

Do you like seeing backstage shots at fashion shows, or do you prefer the runway photos?


  1. I personally prefer style blogs and non-high fashion magazine shots to look at :-) Althoigh you are very right when you say that these shots make you feel like you can relate more to the models and the designs they're wearing :-) x

  2. I enjoy both because I think it's such a contrast between backstage and runway. You hardly ever see models smiling on the runway. Also I have to agree with Nikki in terms of personal inspiration. I don't think I could ever rock something off the runway but they're still beautiful to look at.


  3. I love behind the scenes photos. Way more fun then runway shots.

  4. i definitely like seeing the behind the scenes!! fun to see the real life side :)