August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursday?

So this has been an idea I've had for quite some time now...sharing all of my old projects, from '05-'07, back when I was just discovering what "digital art" was. I started out back in about 2003 making cartoon dolls, or basically drawing pixel clothes on pixel bodies. At that point, we all either knew I'd be a fashion designer or some sort of digital artist, ha! Unfortunately, I don't have any of my old dolls after a tragic computer crash in 2005. But I do have all of my old collages!

I had this livejournal account, and I loved making icons...that was my favorite. The livejournal is still up, but tragically, all my photobucket links are broken ;) How I wish I knew what an external hard drive was back then!

kyla is inspired | throwback thursday kyla is inspired | throwback thursday
Side note...elmers glue?? Totally relevant to the 'scene'...

The reason I was hesitant to post these is because I don't have the credits to the original images, but I think it's so fun to share how you got started and show that progression. If you're interested in seeing more (believe me, I made plenty!!) let me know! I still can't quite believe I made's so different than my aesthetic now!


  1. This is really fun - I like seeing the progression and you can really see the evolution of your particular style, especially with Robot Friends

  2. these are great, I definitely want to see more!

  3. OMG I love this series, Kyla!!! I used to make these collages too. There was a name for them, I swear but I used people like the Backstreet Boys hahaha! I definitely wish I could see the stuff I used to make back then, but like you, no external hard drive and computer crashes :-/ keep doing throwback Thursdays! I'd love to see all your old stuff!!

  4. Even back then you were so awesome, and attracted to color!
    I had livejournal as well :) would make icons, of books and shows i was watching.. it was my first connection with the internet world! haha

  5. Omg, so much fun!! This is a great throwback, Kyla, and so creative and inspiring! I love looking back at my early works and seeing how far I've progressed :)

  6. This is such a great idea! I love that you are going to share more! I had a livejournal account too...and xanga! haha

  7. Oh nice. You were good. The Elmer's glue... haha that is funny! But hey, I love how these turned out! :p