August 30, 2013

Happy Friday!

kyla is inspired | happy friday!

saigon landmarks | elle belgium editorial | caramelized fig ice cream

Do you have an exciting plans for the weekend? I was 100% sure I had to work on Monday, but I just found out I didn't, so that brightened my mood! I'm heading out with my friends to go peach picking on Saturday, then I fully plan on making peach pie & peach margaritas :) Although that caramelized fig ice cream looks pretty delicious, too!


  1. Yay to no work on Monday and that caramelized ice cream, but can we talk about how you're going peach picking and making peach pie??!? Yummy! Please take photos and share with us :) I actually don't have any plans except relaxing and spending time with family!

    Enjoy your long weekend, Kyla!!

  2. Really great colors - it makes me so excited for Fall!! yay! And I'm also really excited about your peach picking adventure this weekend - will you share your peach pie and margarita photos/recipes?! :)
    Have a great weekend and have fun, Kyla!

  3. Happy Labor Day weekend Kyla - have a fun food weekend :)

  4. I've never picked any fresh fruit other than from my own garden. Definitely need to go to an actual orchard and do that sometime. :) So glad you get a break on Monday! We're headed to Austin to sit in a lake all weekend. I. can't. wait!

  5. Woohoo, fall colors! I love it. :)

    Peach picking! So much fun. I do hope you share pictures of the food and drinks you make from them. :) Enjoy your weekend!