September 1, 2013

Recipe | Peach Margaritas

peach margaritas peach margaritas peach margaritas

So this weekend I was able to go peach picking with some of my friends, and despite the hot, humid weather, we were able to make some pretty kick-butt margaritas :) My friend Karyn just recently moved into a new house, so we took the photos there. and hung out with her adorable 6-month-old and italian greyhound pups. Thanks for the help with the photos, Anthony & Sam!

You will need:
  • 5 ripe peaches
  • 1 1/3 cup Souza blue
  • 2/3 cup peach schnapps
  • 3 cup crushed ice
  • 1/3 cup sugar
All you need to do is peel & mash up the peaches, add all ingredients to blender and mix to your desired consistency (I like mine to still have good sized chunks of peaches). And bam, perfect peach margaritas :)


  1. Yummy! Yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe with us, Kyla! Hope you had a fun time peach picking! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xo

  2. Yay! You're so awesome. I was hoping you'd share a peach recipe with us after your last post. :) These sound absolutely amazing! And I'm not going to lie, I have't had a margarita in probably over a year!

  3. Mmmm mmmm, I had peaches this weekend but not with a lil kick - yum!

  4. Yes, yes, YES. Everything about this post is perfect (especially that last little picture of you!). But I'm not gonna lie, I thought the peach moonshine was going to sneak it's way into this cocktail : )

    Mel xx

    1. I thought about it! But peach schnapps are just such a classic for margaritas that I had to go with that :)

  5. This looks so delicious!! I'm so glad that you shared the recipe, Kyla, I'm definitely going to make this when I get my hands on some perfect peaches :) I'm glad you had a successful peach-picking adventure!

  6. These are BEAUTIFUL! And I'm sure delicious. Will have to give them a try before peaches disappear this fall..

  7. Oh dear!! That must already be my favorite drink! I just ADORE margaritas AND peaches! So i guess this is my favorite already. Soo going to try this one! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  8. Can't wait to try this out! I love peach flavoured drinks!!

  9. Looks like the perfect summer drink!

  10. It looks delicious! I am planning a little patio party to end the summer this cocktail will be perfect. Thanks for sharing

  11. yowza! you look like you had fun making those margaritas! even though we're in the south, i can't seem to find real good peaches!!! like what???