February 15, 2012


This project from BRND WGN is adorable and awesome all in one.
What better way to celebrate a year ended than to put the highlights of 2011 in ink on paper and wrap it around our very own hand picked Private Estate Selection, Cabernet Sauvignon from 2007?
How awesome, right?!

I've mentioned it before, but I love packaging design, especially Liquor Labels. Throw in some cute characters, and you have the recipe for a new favorite project!

Am I the only one who will by something for the label?


  1. Last week I ordered the second annual typography issue of Communication Arts Magazine just to marvel over labels. I most definitely purchase wine based on the label. I think it shows that the company put an extra effort to catch the consumer's eye.

  2. You're not alone. Sometimes I have an undeniable urge to buy mustard powder even though it is bloody expensive. I love the tin!