February 14, 2012

GUEST POST // Meg from Lovely Miss Megs

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

My name's Megan and I blog over at Lovely Miss Megs! I'm a lover of all things crafty and nerdy and I'm a firm believer that everything is better with glitter! But enough about me, lets get onto the Valentine's day festivities shall we?

Today I know there are some of you who love Valentine's day but don't want to fall into the stigma of wearing pink and red. I know I'm one of these people, so don't fret as I've come up with a solution! Instead of drawing outfit inspiration from the holiday's official colors, why not draw inspiration from what really matters... all the fun candy!

First up we have the conversational heart outfit. To me conversational hearts are flirty, colorful and fun. So for this outfit I chose a dress with bright hearts all over it and colorful accessories to match! The ring I chose because it reminds me of rock candy which is just another form of sugar. So it goes along with our sweet theme. Also don't worry if you don't own a dress with hearts all over it. I'm a firm believer in working with what you've already got. So instead you could accessorize with hearts or make a super fast heart broach with some felt and a safety pin! Get creative and have fun with it!
blog lovelymissmegs megan polyvore outfit

Next we have the cinnamon heart outfit. When I think of cinnamon hearts I think of the bright red color and the intense heat it leaves in your mouth. So from that I figured you couldn't go wrong with a smokin' hot red dress, am I right?! For this outfit I think the key is to keep it sexy and sassy. That's why I've accessorized a delicate material like lace with some edgier things like metal spikes. I also threw in a tailored blazer because I think it makes the outfit look powerful and confident. And those are two attributes that always make a lady look sexy!
blog lovelymissmegs megan polyvore outfit

And lastly we have the outfit inspired by my personal favourite, chocolate! This is a great outfit to wear if you secretly want to feel festive.

When I think of chocolates I think of sophistication, and the swirling of melted chocolate... yum! (this is making me hungry just thinking about it) Anyways, for this outfit I chose to use both brown and cream colors to represent milk and white chocolate, and a little splash of pink just to keep it festive. I also chose clothes that have soft curves to them, so if you'll notice the shorts and shirt have scallops. This to me incorporated the whole swirling chocolate idea. And then of course I threw in a physical representation of chocolate as an accessory.
blog lovelymissmegs megan polyvore outfit

So there you have it! Three Valentine's Day outfits inspired by 3 of the day's most popular sweets. I love finding inspiration in the weirdest places, and hopefully this Valentine's day you'll find your own inspirations!

Good luck everyone! And thanks to the always lovely Kyla for letting me guest post! ♥ Megan

Thanks for posting Meg!! These outfits are amazing...the flirty shapes and colors are right up my alley!
I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentines Day! :)


  1. Not usually one for hearts on clothing, but that dress is absolutely adorable. I may just have to add it to my wardrobe!

  2. cute outfits! the first one is my favorite! Happy Valentines Day (:


  3. The pink suede wedges are the winner for me!

  4. That Hershey's Kisses necklace is awesome! Love the different themes for Valentines Day!